Sunday, 8 November 2009


Between June and November thousands of Humpback whales migrate to and then from the warm Queensland waters, we managed to spot them on their annual commute back to the Antarctic. It was truelly amazing to see such large animals in their natural habitat, I stupidly only took my digital camera rather than my SLR which had a better zoom on it, and in the bright sunshine I couldn't see the LCD screen on the digital camera so was snapping away blindly at the ocean whenever the mammal came to the surface, so was pleasantly surprised that I managed to get some half decent shots-including one of the infamous 'blow'. However the whole whale watching trip was tainted by me getting really seasick, we were warned when we got there that it was a really bad day for seasickness, I smugly turned to Ben and said I will be fine I don't suffer from seasickness- not quite sure how I came to this conclusion since I haven't been on a boat/ferry since before the Eurostar! Once we were off the boat I started to feel better and as part of our whale watching ticket we got access to Seaworld, as we have been to the one in Florida we didn't bother with the shows as it was quite late in the day by this point instead we went and had lunch overlooking the dolphin nursery-spot the baby dolphin in the first photo-that little one was only 6 months old-cutest thing I have ever seen (except maybe my cat when he was a baby)! I could have spent the whole day staring at the dolphins (and they were definitely staring back at me), but Ben dragged me off to see the Polar bears. Seeing the white furred bears was quite amazing, they are beautiful creatures and you really want to give them a big cuddle- which obviously you can't because they would crush you! Then it was off to the shark aquarium.....dun dun dun

Disclaimer: the photos are in the post below; these weren't taken at our local beach nor did we learn to scuba dive- the sharks were safely behind glass.

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